Welcome To Front Line Classifieds

Front Line Classifieds is a safer way to buy and sell from other people serving on the Front Line. We are proud to offer this service and 10% of the profits generated from the sales of our app supports local charities.

  • Safer Way To Buy and Sell

    Every member of Front Line Classifieds are verified using their work email and or photo id submission. Your work email verification is a one time event and then future communications are sent to your personal email address.

  • No Commissions

    The only fee you pay is a one time download fee for Front Line Classifieds. This means that you keep ALL the money you receive from any item you sell on Front Line Classifieds. In addition, 10% of our sales goes to supporting local charities. It is a win/win situation for all of us!

  • Take 3 Photos

    While other classifieds only allow you to submit text to describe your item. Front Line Classifieds offers you the ability to upload 3 high quality photos for each item your are selling.

  • Your Information is Secured

    Your information is not visible to anyone who has not yet been verified. We have taken this extra step to prevent non front line classified members from being able to contact you. Only after they are verified will they be able to see your profile picture and or using the “contact user” feature.

Download Our App

Front Line Classifieds is available on Android and soon to be released on Apple IOS. Make sure to get on our list so we can notify when we release. Front Line Classifieds is a new smartphone app for Android and Apple. Front Line Classified is the simplest way to buy and sell from others on the Front Line. With the success of Front Line Classifieds, we will be launching additional smartphone apps for people on the Front Line.

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